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Sean Sinjin





© Copyright 2003, Sean Sinjin.  All rights reserved.  Edition 1.5

ISBN    0-9762271-0-X


No part of this writing may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the express written permission of the author. 


Meme, much like our perspective on reality, is an ever-evolving story.  Be sure to visit us on the Internet at:


for revisions, as Meme continuously changes to reflect reality as accurately as possible.





If you were to draw an accuracy chart of all the information presented in this book, it would most likely be mottled with many gross inaccuracies and subjective liberties.  In our world, there is just so much information available that suffers from creative license, deficiencies, inconsistencies, and political oppression, that it is inevitable our perceptions will always cloud the truth.  This book is not meant to be the exact truth, it is meant as a foundation for seeking the truth.  The lines between known fact and plausible conjecture have been intentionally blurred to afford a more story-like feel to this book, so please forgive my arrogance or ignorance in regard to specific details.  An earnest effort was made to research adequately, and though perfect truth may not be disclosed within, then at least a high accuracy will suffice for our purposes.  I did not wish a book full of disclaimers and so this disclaimer alone is all I will offer.  Ultimately though, I did learn a great deal of truth in writing this book, as I’m sure you will too from reading it.

Though this writing has the presentation style of the truth, it remains nothing more than a story, in the sense that there is no such thing as a bona fide, verifiable, true “fact”.  Without the possibility of the existence of a fact, there can only be new theories that build on previous theories, as the whole truth about reality continues to and may forever escape the accessibility and capacity of our minds.  I expect many of the theories and concepts within this book to become outdated quickly.  This is desired, and I welcome evidence to reject or improve the concepts presented, but that evidence must be founded in truth and with proof.  Hearsay, religious argument premised on an ethereal entity, arrogance, denial, etc. all fail as counter-arguments, for by their very nature, they secretly betray the necessity for this book.  If you feel that some of the information in this book is questionable, then by all means, please, do the research and prove it wrong.  This book is meant to be a catalyst for the uninhibited pursuit of knowledge, not the end of that pursuit.





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