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          Having addressed the physical requirements for the pursuit of happiness, we now will discuss the psychological ones.  The next step in the search for happiness is sleash tension reduction, which we only naturally have control over through the channels of the instincts.  True happiness can only be found by satiating the instincts, all of them.  Most of the instincts are selfish but some of them help you to interact with your fellow humanoids.  First things first, however: in order for you to productively communicate with others, you need to have yourself in check.  Inner strength provides the foundation for outer strength, and believe it or not you already have access to the most powerful tool imaginable to help you get there.  What is that tool?  Well, drawing upon the reasoning that we probably genetically evolved a need for an ethereal parental entity to always be present in our lives, I submit that we have subtly split personalities by evolutionary design, and that this is the by-product of eons of our intellectual evolution being deeply immersed in the perception that we are always in the company of an ethereal overseer. 

The fact that we used to think of this ethereal overseer as being outside of the confines of our bodies does not change the fact that it has always been entirely a fabrication in our minds throughout all of history, and hence has evolved a certain genetic integration with our personas.  To deny the need for this entity in our lives might be an ignorant and futile attempt at forcing evolution, resulting in poorer mental health for those who suppress this need.  We need to have someone consciously evaluating our actions for us.  But how to embrace this need without further propagating incorrect memes, such as a spiritual explanation?  Easy.  Let’s now introduce you to your very real, genetic “G.O.D”.: 


G.O.D., say hi to you. 




You, say hi to G.O.D. 




G.O.D. is you, and you are G.O.D.  You both already exist in your mind.  No, this is not an attempt to make you crazy; this mechanism has always been a part of you, as real as your thumbs, and now you must learn to utilize it in order to truly be happy. 

This G.O.D. that we’re identifying in your head is your “Governing Overseer Device” and it is more elaborate than self-discipline, pride, or a good conscience; it’s a genetically evolved portion of your psyche that represents a purified, logical “you” (which we might call the L-Freak portion of your individual H-Freak). 

The G.O.D. can help you accomplish wonderful things because it gives you the ability and strength to painfully operate beyond the confines of your instinctual desires when it makes logical sense to.  As we evolve into ever-higher intelligence and awareness, there will be many thoughts and actions that we could, and should, logically manifest to our benefit, but may not have any related instincts to motivate them.  For example, we do not have any instincts that result in fear of recreational drugs, despite their being extremely dangerous.  The only resistance to taking drugs would be one’s logical decision not to partake, even though the known pleasure of drugs tries to overrule this logic.  This is where the G.O.D. can be most effective, filling in for this lack of instincts, in order to propel logical actions that are rewarding or protective in non-instinctually recognizable ways.  The G.O.D. is our means for escape from the primitive and limited direction of the instincts; effectively, it is our logic instinct.

The G.O.D. is not meant to serve as an alternative surfaced personality because it only knows logic and would tend to starve the instincts; rather, it is useful as a powerful tool that can help us temporarily put aside the immediate goal of placating the instinctual drives that have defined us for eternity, in order to necessarily accomplish a logical, though non-instinctually-recognizable, goal.  Ultimately though, despite the fact that the G.O.D. can push us through periods of non-instinctual stimulation, inevitably we must return once again to address these needs, for without instinctual satiation, life would be most unfulfilling.

What is the point of acknowledging this genetically integrated entity?  The same point as with any other religion-based overseer: to reward you, to punish you, and to help you; except this time you know the whole truth about what it is.  We're a creature that has unfortunately, but perhaps unavoidably, evolved a need to receive judgment from something we perceive as greater than ourselves, but now we have finally evolved far enough intellectually to know there really is nothing out there, except ourselves.  That leaves us with this obsolete ethereal entity apparatus in our minds, but still dependent upon the stimulation that it provides (judgment, conscience, etc.) in order to define our motivations in life.  This means that we must now find a way to healthily employ this apparatus, and the only option left is to rewire it back into ourselves.  In other words, two personalities exist within you:  yourself, and the internal, logical G.O.D.

Your G.O.D. is an abstract window through your human inclinations, into your L-Freak.  Despite its motivation of exercising pure rational thought, it is not devoid of emotion because the effectiveness in its communication with you is facilitated by pulling on your powerful emotional tethers.  For example, it can beam with love and pride for you, feel bitter disappointment in you, and deliver tremendous rage at you.  For important matters, it must be the ultimate decision maker for you, with complete sweeping control of you and your actions. 

The entire function of your G.O.D. is as an enforcer, a source of empowerment, and a judge of character.  It’s important to understand it as the most powerful character of personality imaginable, for it must represent an authoritative figure to you, like an ideal and powerful role-model.  It’s easiest to work with this entity in a one-on-one rapport so that it can have an identifiable personality, one which makes it naturally easy to communicate with.  Your G.O.D. can only speak to you, but when it speaks, it is absolute law.  Do not take your G.O.D. lightly and always give it ample time to think before it speaks. 

It is not necessary to perpetually bear the presence of this entity, since you are entitled to be a human and should be allowed to selfishly (and healthily) employ your dominant instinctual pulls that may not necessarily have a foundation in logic, but the influence of this great entity must play a large role in your motivations in life.  When the time comes that your G.O.D. speaks, you must listen and obey so you don’t inadvertently destroy it, for if you try to oppose its overpowering will, it suffers, and you suffer.  You do not ever have the power or privilege to overrule its commands or judgments. 

Your G.O.D.’s primary purpose is to coerce you into being an excellent example of a positively contributing member of the Culture Machine.  Your G.O.D. wholeheartedly understands the need for, and possibility of, the perfect Culture Machine, even if you don’t.  It also understands that the Culture Machine has room for every single living person to be a part of it, as long as they contribute to its preservation and improvement.  It wants you and everyone else to be contributing members of the Culture Machine because any actions that benefit the Culture Machine increase the net happiness of all members, including yourself. 

Your G.O.D. always knows that the best course of action is one that nurtures the Culture Machine, despite your tendencies to first pursue your selfish desires, and it helps you to identify when you are being inconsiderate to others.  If you do something that positively contributes to the Culture Machine, it will give you a healthy pat on the back and tell you that you did a great thing.  If you need strength, there is nothing in your universe more powerful than your G.O.D.; it can help you through anything.  If you did something that breaks down the Culture Machine, it will definitely want to have a serious “talk” with you.  Your G.O.D. does not hesitate to deal fit and lavish punishment.  Fulfillment of the penance dictated by this G.O.D. is paramount to its effectiveness in your life, so be just, strict, and fair with yourself. 

So where’s the reward this G.O.D. can offer?  It will provide you the mental discipline for the creation of the life you desire and that we all desire, a life of happiness, and the strength to persevere through any challenges that inhibit this desire’s realization.  It doesn’t offer you any reward other than the greatest gift one can possibly have: self-love.  You may ask why we shouldn’t try to evolve out of this dependency on an abstract controlling entity.  I believe that we should evolve more into this dependency, more towards the purified, Culture Machine-enhancing version of you, rather than the current weak-willed and selfish persona that defines the average human animal. 

Evolving to become more of a logically motivated creature has an inherent order and efficiency to it that can be applied on very large social scales, allowing a great number of people to live in harmony and happiness.  This is not to suggest that emotions and instincts are valueless; quite the contrary, for without them we are simply boring automatons.  No, we need to find that balance of logic vs. healthy instinctual indulgence such that we get the maximum positive instinctual placation we desire, but not at the expense of others.  You must use your intelligence to feed your instincts because the instincts themselves have little understanding of the relationship between higher social order, and true happiness.


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