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Glossary of Terms (as used in this book)



Abstraction – Simplification or blurring of a concept; or, defying strict definition; or, connecting distinct concepts in new ways.


Aether – The historical and now-discounted sea-like medium that was theorized to permeate the entire universe.


Altruism – The act of helping others with no benefit to yourself other than positive acknowledgement from your G.O.D.


Amino Acid – Molecular building blocks of proteins.


Anonymoids – Absolute strangers.


Anti-Gravity (Field) – A discrete region of high-pressure bether such that if located between two objects, it would overwhelm their normal gravitational attraction, forcing them to instead move away from each other.


Bether – The transparent, rubber-like material that everything in the universe is ultimately composed of, including the apparently empty void of outer space.


Betherdynamics – The science that describes the properties of bether.


Chaos – A system with unorganized (not implying random) interactions between its constituents.


Communion – The state of being strongly bonded to another, usually implies your fellow human.


Denial – The act of blindly rejecting the importance or value of something with the intent of alleviating the instinctual desire for it; or, the act of disregarding seemingly factual information with the intent to avoid dealing with the ramifications of accepting that information.


DNA – Deoxyribonucleic acid molecule: genetic blueprints for most living things.


Energy - The intrinsic elastic behavior of bether to attempt to balance and equalize the positive or negative pressures imposed upon it.


Entropy – The tendency of things to fall apart over time.


Enzyme – Protein that can perform various molecular catalytic or mechanical functions.


Ethereal – Something perceived to be real but doesn’t have a physical presence; intangible.


Fact – Highly unlikely to be false.


Freedom (True) – The uncompromised ability to perform any desired action or thought, that will never negatively affect others.


G-Freak – Genetic freak.  A class of creature that has the senses of smell, stereoscopic vision, taste, touch, and stereophonic hearing; also, a central nervous system with a brain containing at least some gray matter, a cardiovascular system with air-breathing lungs, four limbs (or four appendages of some identifiable sort that are utilized for movement), indications of a tail, sexual organs, a digestive system, as well as a few specific sexual behavioral traits.  This class of creature has a high probability of evolving intelligence.  “Freak” implies that it is always evolving.


Galgitron – No such thing.


Gene – A section of DNA that is the template for an RNA strand, which in turn is the blueprint for an enzyme.


Gene-Pool – The combined total diversity of distinct genes available in a species’ collective DNA.


G.O.D. (Governing Overseer Device) – The portion of your brain that has evolved to require and manufacture the artificial spiritual communion with a perceived ethereal entity.


Gravity (Field) – A discrete region of stretched bether, usually surrounding any object.  Causes objects to “fall” together.


H-Freak – Humankind’s M-Freak.


Insane – One whose knowledge is founded upon incorrect information and who therefore cannot accurately perceive reality, rendering them largely incapable of manifesting rational thoughts or actions.


L-Freak – Logic freak.  The physical manifestation of an M-Freak that reproduces and conducts itself with pure logic, without instincts to bias its motivations.


Law of Energy Conservation – Theory that energy cannot be destroyed or wasted, but only changes in form.


Life – Any construct of matter, manifested mostly by design, that persists due to its collective facility of mutatively adapting to reasonable environmental stresses.


Light-year – The distance light will travel in one year.


Light-second – The distance light will travel in one second.


M-Freak – Meme freak.  The evolving collective meme pool of a species.  A metaphysical embodiment of an entire species’ perception of reality.


Magnetic Field – A discrete region of twisted bether.


Mandelbrot Set – A mathematical formula that generates particularly beautiful patterns to infinite depths of resolution.


Matter – Anything that is a particle or is composed of particles.


Meditation – The deliberate attempt to psychologically escape from environmental stimulus and elaborate thought


Meme – A concept, notion, or thought; generally can be passed on to others.  The information equivalent of a gene.


Meme-pool – The combined total diversity of distinct memes in a species’ M-Freak.


Metaphysical – A hypothetical or imaginary apparatus that can assimilate a set of parameters to produce the desired observed results.  Used to define relationships between related things that do not have a tangible or verifiable connection.


Monoscopic – Utilizing only one eye for vision.  Lacking in depth-perception.


Morphology – A means of classification that is based on the unique measurements of skeleton bone lengths that create the size and posture of a given creature.


Nutrients – As applied at a cellular level, essential building block molecules, or molecules that a cell can use as energy.


Order – A system with organized interactions between its constituents, serving a larger goal than could be accomplished by a single constituent.


Occam’s Razor – The simplification or removal of undue complexity, for the purpose of improving clarity.


Oppression – Two meanings: (Political) To unjustly inhibit a person's actions or desires.  (Enforcement) To inhibit with altruistic intent a person's actions or desires as an unavoidable consequence of enforcing the rules of society.


Paraphrasing – To restate an original statement in another form that has the same meaning to the original.  An excellent communication tool to demonstrate comprehension.


Particle – A piece of matter, usually an atom or atomic particle such as an electron, etc.


Protein – Complex combination of many amino acids, sometimes creating enzymes.


Random – No such thing; or, virtually impossible to predict.


Reference (Frame, Point) – Everything in the universe is considered relative to a selected point of observation.  Anything not moving relative to this point is in the same frame of reference.


Religion – A philosophy and perspective of reality that stems from a faith-supported belief in the existence of an ethereal entity.


Repulsion Fringe – An instinctual, uncomfortable sensitivity to that which is perceived as “ugly”.


Ribozyme – RNA strand that can perform enzymatic activities.


RNA – Ribonucleic acid molecule, the most ancient form of life; blueprint for most simpler forms of life.


Sleash – Shorthand for “Sexual leash”; the most fundamental perceivable root to all of our “wants”.


Stereoscopic – Utilizing two eyes for vision.  Gives the brain the ability to calculate distances to objects by the subtle differences in the individual images that each eye sends to the brain.


Relativistic Spatial Time Displacement - The effect of sequenced or simultaneous events in one relativistic frame of reference, occurring in linearly different intervals (shorter, zero, or even negative) in another frame of reference.


Time - The ultimate measurement scale of change of anything in the universe from one state of being, to another.


Tyranny - The utilization of a population's resources for the sole profit or ego placation of the leader(s).


Wavicle – Shorthand for “wave-particle”.








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